The Funny Raiser: Raising Money for the Homeless.

The Funny Raiser: Raising Money for the Homeless.

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The Bill Murray, Islington, United Kingdom


Your funnyman David Tsonos will be hosting a Funnyraiser where he and two other comics with entertain you with all the money going towards helping out the homeless situation in the UK.

£5 to reserve a seat or Pay What You Want at the venue.

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My resolution for 2020 was to do more charity work, so I have joined a team of people in a new charity called “Give them Shelter.”

In the 6 years that I have now lived in the UK I have seen a huge increase in homeless people and those sleeping rough. Something has changed in the dynamics of this country, as clearly the system in place has caused many to fall through the cracks. Is it a cut to benefits, has unemployment increased or are the shelters are just full? 

One thing I can see with my own eyes is that the problem is getting worse and there is no solution in place. We all see the homeless asking for money and sleeping in doorways and wonder how they ended up that way. "How can this happen to someone?" you ask yourself. Each individual has a story. An example is a young woman who we will call Jane. Jane is eighteen and sleeps rough. She used to live in a flat with her Mother up until her 18th birthday. Unbeknownst to her, her mother was on benefits and those benefits paid for partial rent on their flat. When Jane turned 18 years old the state saw her as an adult and her mother could no longer be in receipt of benefits whilst her adult daughter lived in the flat. Her mother, in order to protect the other children, had to turn her out. Imagine what it would be like at the age of eighteen to suddenly be homeless. Where would you have gone?

So what can we do?

We are raising money for those homeless people who need a helping hand. We are going to find a place for them to live and set them up with 6 months rent. In our opinion giving people a place to call their own and to make sure they can relax and move on with their lives takes 6 months. In this period we hope the person can find a job and be self sustaining. At this moment our first goal is only £3,000 as this is a new, experimental charity and we don’t want to shoot too high, so we will start with one person for six months rent.


The Bill Murray
39 Queen's Head St
N1 8NQ
United Kingdom