CAMDEN FRINGE: Marcus Dean - Foreigner

CAMDEN FRINGE: Marcus Dean - Foreigner

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The Bill Murray, Islington, United Kingdom
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Wài guó rén is Chinese, I am not Chinese. wài guó rén means foreigner, I am not a foreigner. Well, not here anyway. But I was. I lived in China as a teacher for two years and got myself into all sorts of japes and jams. This is my debut stand-up show filled with my time living behind the Great Firewall of China and all the various ways of how I completely embarrassed myself and did a piss-poor job of representing my country. From hosting televised talent shows to being the only white person within a 5-mile radius, this show delves into every white person's fantasy, what it's actually like to be a minority. Being a whiteboi foreigner in a country which is 99% Chinese presented some ridiculous situations, here is a plethora of jokes around those experiences, the bedding-in period of returning home, and of course a load of comparisons with our own country''s impression of immigration #brexitnotbrexit.

Tickets: £5 available here.

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The Bill Murray
39 Queen's Head St
N1 8NQ
United Kingdom