Eric Lampaert: Borne of Chaos

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The Bill Murray, Islington, United Kingdom


Ever asked yourself “How the Hell did I end up here?” It’s an odd feeling when you realise the behaviour you display today are traceable to moments before you were born, which means you don’t have free will, but that doesn’t matter because whether you have or haven’t, you still have to pay your rent and aaaargh we're just zombies with delusions of sentience, I am trapped in my body send help! Plus, dick jokes.

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This is a work in progress show. The blurb for this show is a work in progress too. The title is. Shit, aren't we all a work in progress. When are we as humans finished? Every year I think I’m better off than the year before, which means that who i am today is an idiot compared to the Eric of the future.
Basically, I’m someone with a lot of time on my hands and a mind that could make a kid with ADHD seem lethargically one dimensional, and I’m gonna explore the nature of reality and our potential lack of free will. This sounds like a highbrow show, but I assure you there’s gonna be a lot of dick jokes. I’m a pervert.

“★★★★ Delightfully weird.” – TIME OUT

“★★★★ Provides a constant frisson of energy with sparky thoughts & a loose, animated style.” - CHORTLE

“★★★★ He makes it look so easy but this is a man with very funny bones. Definitely one to catch.” – DAILY EXPRESS


The Bill Murray
39 Queen's Head St
N1 8NQ
United Kingdom