One-to-One Stand Up and Acting Coaching

One-to-One Stand Up and Acting Coaching

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Maria Shehata is an award-winning comedian, director, and actor, with over 
ten years of experience performing in New York City, LA, and London. She is 
winner of Best Comedian at the Hollywood Festival of New Cinema, Best 
Comedy at the Miami Web Fest, where she was nominated for Best Actress. 
Maria was voted one of the 5 Best New Acts of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe by 
the 99 Club. 

"Maria has superb instincts. She got my ready for my Mindy Project audition 
- even suggested I did it in my native British accent. Thank god she did!" 
- Ed Weeks

"After Maria helped me hone my material for a competition, I got through to 
the final! She gave me confidence in the material which I really needed” - 
Davina Bentley

I love Maria Shehata, she is funny on and off stage…she is a truly unique 
comedian and I miss watching her work.” - Bill Burr

“I came to Maria without any material and without any clue what I’m doing. 
Despite this not ideal setup, Maria helped me to feel heard and understood. 
She gave me cool writing exercises so I stopped staring at the blank page. 
She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had, and I’m very grateful to her.” - 
Alexander Memus

“I have always been hesitant about people offering comedy courses or 
training, through the fear that they would just seek to make my material 
formulaic and generic. So when I started sessions with Maria, I was amazed 
with how quickly she not only understood where I wanted to take my material 
but knew exactly how to help me to get there. Maria doesn’t impose rules, 
cliches or guidelines but endeavours to help you understand what makes you 
uniquely funny.

Through our sessions I have been able to develop my work at a faster and 
more accurate rate then I could alone. She’s helped me find the core of my 
bits even when I couldn’t see it myself, been a creative sounding board for 
new material, taught me ways to craft and structure my sets, sharpen and 
polish my setups and punchlines, expand my best material for a long-form 
show and I could seriously describe the benefits of her sessions forever. 
The objectivity Maria brings and the motivating way in which she does it 
has really allowed me to make constant progress. There aren’t many 
comedians like Maria out there so if you have the opportunity to have 
regular sessions with her, grasp it with both hands.” - Kallis Kyriacou

Looking for personalized stand up coaching? Maria will work with you on 
joke writing, set structure, and stage presence.

Have an upcoming audition or want to sharpen your acting skills? Maria will 
work with you on script analysis, character breakdown, and audition 
technique to find your own unique way into the script. She will help you 
make strong, intriguing choices casting directors will remember.

£40 per session. Email Maria at 
shehaha@gmail.com to book.

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